Returns and Refund

If you do not satisfied with our goods and want to send them back to get a refund or an exchange, you could send a message to our after-sale service support email ( ) at first, we will reply you in 24 hours(except weekends) and give you further information and some useful advice.

1. Please contact us before sending the item back to us for a refund. We do not accept returned items that were sent back by you directly without checking with us first.

2. Write your order number on the package, like VK0001 to make your package be recognized easily, so we can solve your problem as soon as possible.

3. You have to undertake return express fees by yourself.

4. After we make sure that we have received the return package, we will contact you and give you a refund or an exchange.


Ⅰ. Returns can be accepted within 15 days as below 

The returns from our customers are acceptable within 15 days after you get the package. when we confirm the arrival of the package you returned, we 'll refund your amount as soon as possible. Items that can be returned or refunded of receiving must follow the rules as below:

1. The products are unused and will not affect the secondary sales.

2. Faulty items damaged / broken upon arrival.

3. Items received in the incorrect size or color.

After returning the products, please inform us the following information in your account where you can find a chart

Order No., for example, VK0001

 Item barcode No., for example, 178064829183950848

 Quantity of each item

 Photo of the products you sent back

Photo of the shipping label on the package sent to you

Photo of the shipping label in the package you sent back

 The unique barcode on the item which is stick to the package of the item


Ⅱ. Unconditionally refund accepted for wrong items

The refund request from our customers is acceptable unconditionally if customer service confirms a wrong item was delivered.

1. Please make sure the products are unused before you sending back and inform us the following information


  • Order No., for example, VK0002
  • Item No. , for example, 00012_B_M
  • Item barcode No., for example, 178064829183950848
  • Photo of the products you sent back
  • Photo of the shipping label on the package

2. VAKOLE will confirm the information.

3. After we confirmed that we have sent you the wrong item, we will fully refund you by informing our after-sale service staff to refund back to your payment account if you like, or reship the correct items you've ordered as soon as possible.


Ⅲ. Returning Step:

1. Please consult the customer service about the information we need before sending back the package.

2. Send the package back to us. 

3. After returning the products, please offer our customer service the information you collect above or add to your account, where you can find a chart to upload the information.

4. After confirming the information, we will refund the money to your account directly. But the amount is frozen which can be used until we get the package.

5. We will activate the refund in your account when we get the package, then you can use that for a new order.


Ⅳ. Full Refunds
We offer the full refund on any items that are found to be faulty or damaged due to our fault. Damage caused because of the fault of the third party or customer's own fault cannot apply for the refund. The shipping fee is charged by the courier company,  and under this condition customers will not need to pay the returning shipping fee.


Ⅴ. Partial Refunds 
We also offer a partial refund on returned items which have some original parts missing. In such a case, the customer can only get a partial refund.
 In this situation, customers will be in charge of the returning shipping fee and we will deduct 25% of your order amount as the re-stocking fee.


Ⅵ. About the Refund Processing Time

1. The processing time for the refunds is 1-2 business days after receiving the returned items. The refund time depends on the payment method.
2. PayPal refunds may take up to 48 hours.
3. Credit card refunds will take around 7-14 business days. The specific time depends on your credit card company and any intermediaries.


Team Vakole,