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Our Story

Vakole was founded to bring us a more green and eco-friendly transportation lifestyle with our innovative technology. With the newest technology help, Vakole's bikes can easily arrive 100km range on a single charge.
Besides, the fast charging technology also makes Vakole's products shorter time to charge so that our riders will get a more efficient riding experience. Bikes are also represent fashion, so Vakole e-bikes were designed to be compatible with the aesthetics. Most importantly, practicability is our ultimate pursuit.

Trustable Quality

Vakole co-operate with long history factory to ensure every step's safety during production.

Check Carefully

Every Vakole's bike needs hundreds of quality check before packaging.


To offer a comforatble, eco-friendly lifestyle for bicycle enthusiasts and green life lovers.
To create a new trend of transportation that everyone can ride at an affordable price.
To be one of the leading brand of smart e-bikes and full of innovation in creating a better world.